Sample Prints | A Tool For Choosing Wall Art

Sample Prints | A Tool For Choosing Wall Art

Have you ever wanted to put up a large print on a wall, but struggled to make the decision?  Last year, it took me a few months to decide to print two large prints for my master bath. 

Sample Prints for Fine Art Prints

Besides being reluctant to put two holes in the wall, I was concerned about whether the colors would be right and whether the subject matter would work in this space.  I ended up ordering sample prints of several candidates before settling on the two I ended up printing large. 

The sample prints I had made were invaluable in making the decision.

Sample prints help make a decision on Large Wall Art

Sample Prints are a color paint swatch that can help you in your interior decorating process.  A Sample Print is 3.5 x 5 inch print with white border to allow for the full print.  A Sample Print is printed on the same archival paper of all prints and colors will be true.  

When you purchase Sample Print, you will receive a 10% off coupon code upon the purchase of a sample print to be used towards your next print purchase .  (Limit one coupon per sample purchase)

Purchase your Sample Prints here today.

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