Cape Cod Wall Art Ideas | Travel Through Photography

Cape Cod Wall Art Ideas | Travel Through Photography

Over the years, I have explored various towns and beaches in Cape Cod and found them all enjoyable and photogenic. I wish to share a few special locations in Dennis, Brewster, Wellfleet, and the National Seashore that I believe are beautiful and special to Cape Cod.

Beaches on the bay side of Cape Cod have extreme low tides, allowing for beautiful and different photographs. Some favorite Dennis Beaches on the bay side to visit are Mayflower, Howes Street and Chapin Memorial.  Dennis also has a few beaches on the ocean side as well.  

Mayflower beach cape cod photograph print as wall art

Runner on the Sand Flats on Cape Cod

Brewster has a several special places and beaches. Breakwater Beach is probably the most accessible beach with a large parking lot.  Two other favorite places and beaches are Paine's Creek Beach and Wings Island beach.  More below.

Here are three videos of the calm bay waters in Brewster, at sunrise, mid-morning and sunset.

Photograph of Sunset Colors Reflecting Off the Waters


The Wings Island trail is a walking path behind the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster that leads you to explore flats, woods, finally beach.

Photograph Print of Seagrass and Sand on Cape Cod Cape Cod Beach Photography Print as Wall Art

Another special spot in Brewster is Paine's Creek Beach. Although it is a difficult spot to park, this is great place to view sunsets and also for family photos.  Paine's Creek Beach is in between Wings Island and Breakwater Beach and can be walked to on foot from both places.

Mass Audubon in Wellfleet is another special place, with many walking trails, including a boardwalk that leads out to the water through tall grass during low tide. 

Cape Cod Seagrass and Boardwalk Print

The Chatham Fish pier is a fun visit, especially if you can time your visit with the fishing boats coming in to see the seals following along for a snack.  The view is also beautiful.   

Lighthouse Beach in Chatham is another neat spot, about a mile down the road from the Fishing Pier.  The lighthouse is not directly on the water, but there are nice views from the parking area.  You can walk down to the beach and explore.  

Chatham Seascape Print
Photograph of shark flag on cape cod beach as wall art

Finally, A visit to one of the various Cape Cod National Seashore beaches is a real treat and worth the drive. There are a handful of beaches to explore, including Marconi and Head of the Meadow, two favorites. Another beach that is also National Seashore beach is Nauset Light Beach in Orleans. This beach is closer than Marconi the other beaches.  Nauset Beach is known for shark attacks but also is a great place to catch the sunrise, if you're lucky you might be able to catch both at the same time!


Marconi Cliffs and Beach on Cape Cod Photograph

Marconi Beach Cape Cod Photography Set of 4 Prints as Wall Art

Nauset Beach in Orleans Cape Cod

There are many places to explore on Cape Cod and I have only shared a few favorite spots, there are many more cities and beaches to explore.  I hope this has been inspired some places to visit and helped further your research for home interior design ideas.

To see more Cape Cod photographs, search for Cape Cod in the search bar above, or click here.

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